Review: Hannibal by Ben Kane

hannibalTitel: Hannibal
Author: Ben Kane
ISBN: 9781848092297
Genre: Historisch Roman
Publisher: Arrow
Release: 2012

I promise the author to write also the review in English.

Ben Kane is born in Kenya. He grew up there and in Ireland. When he was older he travelled a lot. Before he became fulltime author he was a vet. Of the 6 books he has written are 3 publishes in Dutch, trilogy ‘The lost legion’. He is married and has children. He lives in England.

Hanno lives at the north coast of Africa and Quintus in Italy. By fate of the weather Hanno and his friend end in the hands of the pirates then sells them. One as a slave and other as a gladiator. Hanno becomes a slave for the family of Quintus. Both are young and full in live. Both are also ready to fight for the nation. Somewhere down the line the boys will stand across each other. Will they survive? Will their friendship exist? Will Hanno see his father and brother again?

My opinion
What a book! Now and then I felt like I was there and taking a part of it all. I love history and do favor few periods of the history, like Ancient-Rome. It amaze me still how normal it was to have slaves, no matter what their background was. And even among the slaves are hierarchies.
What I liked about his book was the characters. Big part of the main characters had depth, personality. While reading I had my favors, even though I could understand Sapho, the big brother of Hanno, now and then. That he has the feeling that he has to prove all the time that he is better than his two younger brothers. But his blood thirst I could not understand. But Ben Kane can describe the emotions, especially when the character is struggling with different kind of emotions. And might have to make choices that is against his believes.
But also, how Ben Kane describe environment, buildings, camps, boats is very lively. On regular base I can picture it very easily. Now and then I was struggling with some words I was not familiar with. But I choose to read it English. It didn’t stop me for continuing with reading.
One minor of this book… The title is Hannibal, but he plays only a small part in the book. Because of him there is a battle between Rome and Carthage. But because of the title I expected that Hannibal play a bigger part in the book. Unfortunately not.
If you love history, especially Ancient-Rome, I recommend you to read it!
I truly have enjoyed it and wanted to postpone finishing the book.

©Plien 2013


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